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Katie offers dance performance, ceremonies, and movement classes for festivals and events.

Her expressive dance performances can be paired with live musicians or DJ’s, on stages, in fields, around fires and through crowds channeling the energy of nature, animals, archetypes and emotions in dances that both inspire and entertain.
She creates powerful opening ceremonies to guide the setting of intentions and ground them into the festival experience.
This is a free-form movement experience in a kind and conscious space with movers of all ages and abilities. The music is from many genres and builds into an arc that gently brings us into a nourishing stillness. This form was created by the movement shaman, Gabrielle Roth and has offered healing and transformation world-wide.
Interweave Conscious Dance ® can wash away mental, spiritual, and physical tension and provide ways to live from our truer self. This workshop artfully weaves energy cultivation, therapeutic visualizations, blindfold dancing, free-style dance, and meditation. Moving into a deep state, we melt into our creative juices and open to the divine energy that flows through us. A body journey that is both serious and playful, personal, and social, Interweave Conscious Dance ® puts healing and transformation into practice by dissolving barriers and bringing us into the present moment with love.