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Katie Wells is a dancer, a teacher, and the founder of Interweave®, a mindful movement practice. Her mission is to create events for loving connection with self and community. Since earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in Dance from Columbia College Chicago and the University of Colorado at Boulder, she has been certified in Spiritual Embodiment from the Realization Process, and is currently training to be a teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion. Katie teaches Somatics, Modern Dance, and Dance History at Radford University in Virginia, and she continues to perform dances that explore the mysteries of the universe with musical groups such as: The Desert Dwellers, Leftover Salmon, Lobo Marino and the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra.


Katie is a world-class dancer…. The audience will burn calories just by watching.

-Michelle Ellsworth,  Interdisciplinary Performance Artist in Boulder, Co.


2015|2016   Certificate in Spiritual Embodiment from Judith Blackstone’s Realization Process

2008|2011 M.F.A. in Dance (magna cum laude) University of Colorado at Boulder

1998|2003 B.A. in Dance (cum laude) Columbia College Chicago


2014|Present    Beg. and Int. Modern Technique, Online Dance History, Adjunct Dance Professor, Radford University, VA

2013 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Guest Teacher, Counselor Education, Radford University, VA

2012 Movement for Actors, Guest Teacher, Theatre Department, University of Colorado and St. Mary’s College, MD

2008|2011 Modern, Ballet, and Jazz, Teacher of eight semesters, University of Colorado

2003|2004 Movement for Actors, Guest Teacher, Theatre Department, Columbia College Chicago

2003 Improvisation and Modern, Guest Teacher, Coastal Carolina University. Conway, SC


2016 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Floyd Fest and Floyd Yoga Jam, VA

2015 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Mountain Mysteries Festival, VA

2014|2015 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Floyd Yoga Jam Festival, VA

2014 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Still and Moving Center, Honolulu, HI

2014 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, The Yoga House, Kapaa, Kauai, HI

2014 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Summer Sing Camp, Anahata Education Center, VA

2014 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine, VA

2013 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Velocity Dance Center. Seattle, WA

2013 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Campuccio Studio. Via del Campuccio, Florence, Italy

2013 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Life Stream Center, Roanoke, VA

2013 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Kaypacha Healing Festival. ECETI, Hood River, WA, and Jackson WellSprings, Ashland, OR

2013 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, iBme Teen Mindfulness Retreat, Sevenoaks. Charlottesville, VA

2013 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, 2 day, Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine. Floyd, VA

2012 Authentic Movement, Cultural Evolution Camp. Floyd, VA

2011 Contact Improv, Orcas Island Contact Jam. Oddfellas Hall, WA


2015|Present     Ecstatic Dance and Goddess Dance, Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine, VA

2013|Present     Private Healing Movement Sessions. Floyd, VA and Portland, OR

2015 Improvisation, Governor’s School. Radford, VA

2015 Modern Dance and Conditioning, International Summer Intensive Program. Radford, VA

2015 Monthly Ecstatic Dance Gatherings. Floyd, VA.

2013 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, adults, Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine. Floyd, VA

2013 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, ages 13-18, Spring House Mindfullness High School. Floyd, VA

2013 Creative Movement, ages 3-12, Blue Mountain Elementary School. Floyd, VA

2013 Physical Theater, ages 14-15, Junebug Center, Floyd. VA

2013 Creative Movement, ages 4-6, Guest Teacher, Chantilly Montessori School. Charlotte, NC

2013 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine, (6 weeks). Floyd, VA

2013 Interweave Conscious Dance ®, Living Light Yoga, (9 weeks). Floyd, VA

2012|2013 Contact Improv, Sun Music Hall and Junebug Center. Floyd, VA

2012 Adult Improvisation, Sun Music Hall, (9 weeks). Floyd, VA


2001|2013 Evolatic Dance, and Rhythm Fire Dance Company, Floyd, VA.| Queen of Hearts Productions, Boulder, CO.| HoffTanzt, NYC.| The 58 Group, and Mordine and Company Dance Theatre, Chicago


2011 Alice, Artistic Director and Choreographer Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells, in collaboration with Composer Joseph Hallman, Painter and   Projectionist Biff Bolen, Costume Designer Kristin Dalleske, live symphony orchestra with Conductor Andres Cardenes, regional premiere, 45 minutes. Strings Music Festival. Steamboat Springs, CO

2011 Bernstein’s Mass, Co-choreographers Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells, Jessica Pearson and Christine Rhodes in collaboration with the University of Colorado’s Music School, 100-member orchestra, 200-member choir. Denver Center of the Performing Arts

2011 Tyrannosaurus-Sex, Movement Director and Choreographer Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells. Evening- length interdisciplinary concert, live music and projection by Ira Liss, Atlas Institute for Technology, University of Colorado

2010 Una, Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells M.F.A. Concert, 45 min. Director and Choreographer Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells, Technical Director E.J. Posselius, Film Artists Aaron Young, Tara Rynders and Erik Klosterman, Costume Designer Kristin Dalleske, live music by Max Shiffman and Doug Craft, text by Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells and Randall A. Wells. Atlas Institute for Technology, CO

2010 Blood Wedding, a play by Lorca, Movement Director Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells, The Loft, University of Colorado

2006 Lovesick, Director, Curator, and Choreographer Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells, an evening-length interdisciplinary concert. Milagro Theater, NYC

2005|2011 Swim, Director, Film Artist and Performer Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells, Dance-for-Camera solo. Hamlin Park Theatre, Chicago, CU Graduate Showcase, and CU Fringe Festival. CO

2004|2005 Black to White, and Entomology, Choreographer Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells. International Alternative Hair Show, 3,000 audience members at Rosemont Theatre. Chicago

2003|2010 Murmur, Director, Writer Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells, Musician Evan Kuchar, Film Artist Andy Brown, Editor Biff Bolen. Around the Coyote Curator’s Choice Film Festival, Around the Coyote Dance Festival, Duets for My Valentine, Station 13, Hamlin Park, Chicago. Milagro Theatre, NYC. Trinidad State Junior College, CO, and Packing House Center for the Arts, Denver


2016 Solo performance with The Desert Dwellers, Floyd Yoga jam, VA

2018 Solo performance with Leftover Salmon, Floyd Fest, VA

2016 Solo performance with Lobo Marino, Floyd Fest, VA

2015 “Alone in Unity” Radford University, VA

2015 “String Dance,” Interdisciplinary Performance. Floyd Yoga Jam, VA

2013 “The Oracle,” “Sun Dance,” “Hope” and “The Warrior,” solos, Kaypacha Healing Festival. Hood River, WA.

2013 “The Oracle” and “Rock Me to My Soul,” Kaypacha Healing Festival. Ashland, OR 2013 “The Oracle,” Floyd Yoga Jam. VA

2013 “West African Dance with Prepared Piano” and “The Floating Waltz,” solos with live music by David Stuart Wiley, The Blue Ridge Music Festival. Floyd, VA

2013 “Shakti Shiva,” solo with live music by Mike Mitchell, One Stoplight Show. Floyd, VA.

2012|2013 Dance Improvisations with Evolatic Dance Company, costumes by Emily Williamson. Floyd Fest and Floyd Yoga Jam, VA

2012 “Snake Dance,” solo with live DJ Chris Angileri, gallery opening, Jacksonville Center. Floyd, VA

2012 “Possession,” trio fire dance improvisation, with Evolatic Dance Company. Carnival of 5 Fires, Richmond, VA

2012 “Emerge,” solo with experimental musician Angie Yeowell. Eschschoraque, Berlin

2012 “To Life!” solo with live Greek folk music by Mihalis Hionas. Santorini Moy, Santorini, Greece

2011 “Feather Fall,” Solo dance improvisations with gypsy jazz band, Vermont Joy Parade. Club Bassy, Berlin

2011 “When the Bottom Falls Out,” solo with jazz musician Paul Batto. Blues Sklep, Prague

2011 “Fighting Balance,” solo with rock band Sanjo Batar. Club Godor, Budapest

2011 Three solos with punk band Bastardo Four. The Tommyhaus, Schokoladen, and Clash Club, Berlin

2011 “Release the Buck,” improvised solo, curator AUNTS from N.Y.C., Kuntzfabrik. Berlin

2011 “Shedding Wild,” site-specific solo based on poem “Shrayen,” by Paulie Lipman. Boulder International Fringe Festival, CO

2011 “Feather Fall,” Evening-length solo performed by Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells with experimental band, The Corvettes. The Trident, Boulder, CO

2011 “B.L.O.r.k.,” eight improvised group dances in collaboration with B.L.O.r.k., Boulder Laptop Orchestra. Atlas Institute for Technology, CO

2011 “Dreams,” structured improvisation by Abby Craine. Kunstoff Arts, San Francisco, CA

2010 “Planetary Dance,” outdoor improvisation created by Anna Halprin, facilitated by Cherie Hill. University of Colorado

2004 “Am I Being Too Honest?” a solo in Chance Dance and Poonies Cabaret, Links Hall. Chicago

2003 “Shadow,” Anatomical Theater, opened for Blue Man Group. Circus Club, Chicago


2013 “The Snake Oracle,” Director Maureen McFreehill, Butoh Festival. Asheville, NC

2012 “Absinthe Soiree,” Director Brina Steinhelfer. The Delphi, Berlin

2011 “Prophet Machine,” Choreographer Patrick Faurot-Pigeon. Eschschoraque, Berlin

2011 “Fred,” Choreographer Sara Shelton Mann. Kunstoff Arts, San Francisco, CA

“Night for Meredith Monk: Voice Orchestra and Shadows,” Director Moss Beyon Juckes, a concert with voice, physical theater, and shadow puppets. Zuhaus, Berlin

2010 “Goddess,” performed monologues in mask, directed by CU professor Tammy Meneghini. CU Fringe Festival

2008 “Reason without Meaning,” Choreographer Luis Lara Malvacias. The Kitchen, NYC

2008 “Talk to Me,” with HoffTanzt. Dance Theater Workshop, White Wave Festival, Dances at the Flea, and The Lincoln Center, NYC

2003 “Mythic Montana,” evening-length piece with Joe Goode Performance Group, Choreographer Joe Goode. Columbia College Chicago

2002 “Move Project,” evening-length piece with David Dorfman Dance Company, Choreographer David Dorfman. Columbia College Chicago


2016 Floyd Yoga Jam Opening Ceremony

2016 Floyd Fest Opening Ceremony

2013 The Red Tent, a monthly women’s empowerment group, Co-Facilitator. Floyd, VA

2013 Mabon Community Gathering and Earth Run, Led by Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells. Floyd, VA

2013 Opening Ceremony, Floyd Yoga Jam, Led by Katie ‘Shakti’ Wells. Floyd, VA

2011 Certified Blessing Giver, Oneness University. Boulder, CO